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Special Needs Assistant Description

A special needs assistant works specifically with one or more students who have special needs. The number of students each assistant will work with varies, depending upon the level of need each student requires.

Many special needs assistants work with only one student, because this one student cannot truly function on his or her own, for whatever reason. An assistant who works one-on-one with a student with special needs will spend the entire day with this student-the assistant's responsibilities may include monitoring the student, helping the student perform everyday skills, teaching the student new life skills, and/or assisting the student in the learning process by clarifying or re-explaining what the teacher says.

Sometimes the primary issue with a student with special needs is the way the disability affects his or her behavior. In these instances, the aide might seek to help the child learn appropriate behavior through a program of positive reinforcement and relevant consequences. The assistant would also make sure the child's behavior does not negatively impact the learning of other students in the class and in the school. This may mean removing the child from the classroom to work more privately with the student.

Other times, the primary issue is that a child simply cannot perform basic life skills alone. In these cases, the assistant essentially guides the child through the entire day, providing assistance when necessary. Sometimes the problem is that a child has a physical disability, in which case the assistant would help the child perform tasks he or she cannot perform with the disability. Or, perhaps the child suffers from autism and cannot communicate or correctly socialize with other people in the school. In this case, the assistant would essentially monitor and help this student throughout the day.

A special needs assistant might also work with several students who do not require as much assistance. This assistant would work with several students with learning disabilities who can otherwise function normally. During tests, the assistant may take the students out of the classroom, either to read the test to them or to simply provide them with a quieter and more private work environment. Also, during instruction, the aide may work with these students in a smaller group to re-teach or re-enforce concepts that may be challenging to them.

Special needs assistants are crucial to a school because they help prevent teachers from being spread too thin. Furthermore, they provide the necessary attention to students with more intensive needs that will help them succeed, as well as keep them from falling through the cracks. An assistant who works with students with special needs can expect great fulfillment and confidence in knowing that the student or students he or she works with will be forever impacted by the individual help they receive!

Rabu, 12 September 2012

ADHD and School - How to Succeed

It's really not that difficult to imagine that someone with ADHD or ADD might have trouble with school. Between having to focus for a long time to having to sit still for what feels like even longer, ADHD and school just don't seem to mix.

However, there are quite a few things ADHD students can do to improve their school results. One of the things is to change the way they study. Most ADHD students do better while studying in a quiet place, free from distractions. If they study at the same time each day, they are more likely to be able to focus during that time, as they will have trained their brain that this time is time to focus.

Another study tip for students with ADHD is to find a specific study technique or system and follow it religiously. One of the best systems for this is the Pomodoro Technique, which involves using a timer set for 25 minutes to regulate study time, followed by a brief 5 minute break to refresh.

ADHD students also benefit from learning and applying a memory system, such as the loci method or other visualization techniques. This makes remembering things a more active and involved process, leading to higher recall during tests and at other times.

All this is well and great for studying, but what about tests? ADHD and studying is one thing - students usually have some degree of control over their surroundings while studying. But tests are a different story altogether. There is pressure to perform and unavoidable distractions and noises from the surrounding students. What are some things that ADHD students can do to maximize their productivity during tests?

For starters, ADHD students can usually request some sort of accommodation, and teachers usually grant it. For some, taking the test by themselves, or at least separated from the rest of the class, can lessen distractions and greatly increase focus.

During tests, students are encouraged to "distract themselves." Of course, this doesn't mean to actually distract themselves, but instead means to change physical positions, take a deep breath, look around the room or up at the ceiling. If students can successfully "create distractions" like this, they are less likely to succumb to real distractions.

Finally, students should always be on their guard against carelessness. Double-checking answers should be a matter of course, and writing neatly not only keeps the grader happy, it keeps the student's brain organized.

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What Are Demons?

Demons are disembodies spirit beings that have an intense craving to occupy physical bodies. Apparently their first choice is a human body, but rather than remain in a disembodies condition they are willing to enter even the body of an animal - see Luke 8:32-33.

Though demons have no bodies, they have all the normally accepted marks of personality.

1. Will 
2. Emotion 
3. Intellect 
4. Self-awareness and 
5. Ability to speak


1. They are some of the fallen angles associated with Satan in his rebellion against God. 
2. They are disembodies spirits of a pre-adamic race that perished under some judgment of God not in detail in scripture.

Ephesians 6:12 & 2 Corinthians 12:2-4

It seems clear to me that even fallen angels still maintain their dwelling place somewhere in "the heavenly places. Demons appear to be earthbound creatures. They display a wide range of character traits. Some are vicious violet, supernaturally strong. Other are weak, covering, even ridiculous - characteristics one would not expect to find in angels, even when they are fallen.

It is true that for the specific purpose of tempting Adam and Eve into rebellion, Satan did temporarily come to them in the form of a serpent. But subsequent passages of scripture make it clear that he did not continue to occupy the body of a serpent. See Luke 22:3,4; Luke 13:11-16.


Demons manifest themselves through humanity under many different names. The following is a list of specific names actually applied to demons in scriptures.


Jealousy and feeling of Jealousy - Num 5:14,30 
Ill, will, evil - Judges 9:23 
Distressing evil - 1 Samuel 16:14-23; 18:10; 19:9 
Lying, deceiving - 1 Kings 22:22; 2 Chro 18:20-22 
Just to mention some.


1. Mute/Robbed of speech - Mark 9:17 
2. Deaf & dumb, deaf - Mark 9:25 
3. Infirmity/causing sickness - Luke 13:11 
4. Divination - Acts 16:16 
5. Fear Timidity - 2 Timothy 1:7

The lists given above are by no means exhaustive, but indicate the diversity of demonic activity Satan apparently has at his disposal vast numbers of demons with which to assail and torment humanity.


From the beginning, ever since man turned from God in rebellion, he has been subjected to two main spiritual evils. "Sin & Demons."

The effect of sin is universal and total Rom 3:23; Rom 6:6; Gal 5:24. The old man describes the rebellions nature of us has inherited from our first parent, Adam. Adam did not beget any children until he was in a state of rebellion against God Therefore; in every descendant of Adam there is the nature of a rebel.

Although the problem of sin is universal, the problem with demons is not. Many members of our fallen human race have come under the power of demons, but not all. There is a close connection, however, between sin and demons. If mankind had never sinned, we would never have been vulnerable to demons.

Demons continually seek to invade a person, but when the person is healthy spiritually, the spiritual, "Immune system" within the person identifies and attacks the demons, and they are not able to move in and take control.


In the spiritual realm, as in the physical, correct diagnosis is essential. So it is important to know, in confronting our own problems or those of other people, what we are dealing with. Is it the flesh? Or is it demons?

The question is of vital importance because the remedies are quite different:

A. The remedy for the flesh is crucifixion. By Jesus sacrificial death on the cross. Roman 6:6. But each of us must make a personal application of the cross to our fleshly nature, Paul says, therefore, in Gal 5:24 those who are Christs have crucified the flesh with its passions and desire Gal. 2:20.

B. The remedy for demons, on the other hand, as often demon stated in ministry of Jesus. Is to cast them out. These two remedies are not interchangeable. It is not possible to cast out the flesh, and it is not possible to crucify a demons.

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What Are the Advantages of a Home Based Franchise?

We are all very well aware of the fact that franchising gives a wonderful business opportunity. But, what are the many advantages that one will get when they opt for a home based franchise? Let us take a closer look at the same.

When you buy a franchise there are numerous factors that you need to take into account. You need to weigh the pros and cons of all the probabilities and then take a definite step in the direction of one option. And out of such options that are available home based franchise is one.

Home based franchise has become a popular choice by many people for the kind of benefits it brings along. It is not only the low initial fees that come very well within the budget but also the aspect of being your own boss that attracts many of the people. Working out of home would definitely call for renting an office and also employing some people as staff. This means an additional expense. But with a home based franchise, you do not have to rent a place at all and as you are starting off with a low budget you can manage on your own for the time being.

You can save on the daily commute. And by doing so you are also saving on the fuel expenses and time too. There is no boss who is breathing down your neck for work. You can easily space out your things to do and work accordingly so that you meet your priorities right. You can choose your hours of work. There is no office politics that you need to be worried about. As there are quite a number of advantages with investing in a home based franchise it definitely helps to consider the various essential features before you buy a franchise.

Knowing your own aim and knowing your own self will definitely help in arriving at the right decision. Ascertain if your personality suits this kind of a business. And also identify if you have the zeal and skill to lead it towards success. If you are one of those persons who has the go getter force then probably you are the right kind of a person in this profession. But if you are an introvert and do not have the 'come what may' attitude, you may have to face some kind of kickbacks while in the field. Before you buy a franchise, make an attempt to fully understand what franchising is all about and also understand the different types of options that are available in the segment.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Franchising?

Forget about starting up an all new business. You can easily generate income by opting for a new franchise. There are numerous franchise options that are available on and off the web too. It is therefore your choice to come up with the best franchise option. Franchising is thought of as a business model that has great potential. But, it is very important to understand the upside and the downside of any kind of a business you wish to undertake. Just as there are two sides to a given coin, there are also the good and bad about going in for franchising. In this article we are going to delve deep into what are the disadvantages of franchising.

No doubt franchising has a whole lot of benefits as it comes along with a whole lot of proven ideas and most importantly huge brand names. But, the franchisor may still run the entire show which you may not appreciate at all times. It is only after you enter into the business that you will be fully able to arrive at the costs of the business and by that time it would be too late. Yes, the franchise costs may be really high than you have expected for you will have to think about the initial costs while buying the franchise, the setting up costs and buying the stock from the franchisor.

What are the disadvantages of franchising? You need to assess them from the franchisor perspective as well as from the franchisee perspective. There is always the risk of getting exposed to liability for the various acts, omissions and negligence of the franchisor that may put the franchisee also into risk. One has to understand if the franchise is a company owned unit or an independent franchise unit.

To state in a nutshell, franchising is not an all perfect business opportunity. It is also not a completely problem free solution either. However, it gives a great opportunity to expand on other's thoughts and business models. If you are envisioning a franchising program, it is essential that you consider both advantages as well as disadvantages too. You should remember one thing that there is no best franchise that will give you a perfect 10 on 10 every time. However, let not the negatives put off the new option of franchising for you because it is found to be highly useful and effective method for any kind of business expansion. Only thing that is needed is proper development, analysis and planning.

Once you have weighed the pros and cons you divert your efforts in the direction of finding the best franchise business as well as the sales process that will give you good results.

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

What Are The Many Benefits Of A Franchise Business?

There are a plethora of opportunities to make money by doing business. And whether you succeed or not depends on the channel you choose. Franchising also has thrown open many avenues to people who are looking for making some solid money. In this article we will make an attempt to understand the many benefits of a franchise business.

Franchising has been doing rounds right from the time man has started engaging in the commercial enterprise. Only change it has undergone is that it evolved into a sophisticated business format in the given time. In order to understand the benefits of a franchise business it is essential to understand what a franchise is. It is nothing but a convenient business arrangement between the franchisor or the owner of a given business concept and the franchisees who are given the right to work on the concept of the franchisor's business, use his trademark and share a certain percentage of profit with him.

By doing so, the franchisee is getting the name and trademark that have already been established work in his favor. The franchisee does not have to start from the scratch for the brand is an already established one. This however depends on the fact that whether you have chosen an already established and proven franchise or you have chosen a fairly new franchise that still has to make a mark.

The primary benefit of a franchise business is nothing but minimization of risk. Embarking on a new business without adequate support is very risky. Research has proved that majority of businesses shut shop within a span of two to three years. The main reason for such high failure is that the owners are unable to keep up with the learning demands that the business owner has to make. However, franchising provides an opportunity for learning and training as well and thus rates of tasting success with the help of franchising are relatively high.

Another major benefit that one could witness when they get into a franchise business is that the kind of investment you wish to make can be heavily researched upon. There is indeed a wealth of information regarding the franchising avenues that exist in the market.

There is a proven business format and also a stipulated method of operation in order to achieve the sales target successfully. However with a normal business it is trial and error to a great extent and this takes a lot of time by the business owner figures out the right mantra. Despite these benefits there are many dangers of getting into a bad franchise. One has to invest considerable amount of time to save themselves from falling prey to such bad franchise avenues.

Rabu, 18 April 2012

A Franchise Expo: To Discover an Apt Business Channel

What is one great way that will help you discover the right business channel so that you can earn more money? Attending a franchise expo would definitely do it for you. Yes, attending a franchise expo will give you the right platform to explore the possibilities that are there in the field, and will also make you notice that there are so many others like you who want to embark into the field of owning a franchise. This will be your first step towards understanding what the franchisors have in store for the prospective franchisees. And your eventual success depends on the kind of choice you make after attending the expo.

There are good franchises, popular franchises, bad franchises and successful franchises. Key remains in finding out the best one that would not burn a hole in your pocket. The expo will give you an opportunity to interact with franchisors from different areas and with different concepts. You can gather all the substance, go back and ponder the various possibilities that you have at your disposal. The underlying fact that you need to arrive at is the kind of profitability you would make if you had taken up a particular franchise. When you have a clear understanding of the same you may go ahead with further rounds of talk with the franchisor.

Identifying your area of interest will reduce your confusion when you attend the franchise expo. Otherwise you will be bombarded with too many avenues which will leave you thoroughly confused. There will be many educational seminars that will be conducted in such expos which will help you in getting a comprehensive understanding of what franchising exactly is. In short, attending a franchise expo will definitely help you in numerous ways. You will not only be able to identify the business you wish to do but also learn how you could arrive at picking up a good franchise.

Franchise 500 will give a sneak peek into the kind of franchises that have become successful over a period of time. There are various aspects that will be taken into consideration before a franchise makes it to the top Franchise 500 list. The financial solidity that it offers, the growth rate it has registered, the startup fees, the kind of litigation's involved, the time since the franchise is operating.

There are in fact a bunch of franchise options that are available for the prospective franchisees. Taking a keener look at the Franchise 500 ranking will give an insight into the kind of categories that are available too. Ultimately it is the kind of choice that will either make or mar a franchisee.

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Who Is a Franchisee? What Is a Franchise?

Have you ever wondered who is a franchisee and what is a franchise? These are very common terms for people who are a part of business and the business already has a good branding. Let us delve deeper into what is a franchise and who is a franchisee.

what is a franchise? A franchise is an authorization that is granted by a business or a company to a group of individuals or an individual to carry out the commercial activities that are carried out by this business.

There are different forms of doing business and franchising is one medium through which business can be conducted. It is hailed as a popular method and a powerful marketing tool too for huge businesses to go on an expansion mode for their business and by doing so enhance their market share considerably with rapid speed but with low costs. There are different types of franchise options that people can find out in the market but identifying the one that gives them great returns is the key to success. There are the distributorships, brand name licensing or trademark options and the business format franchises.

The franchisor offers the franchise with the license to sell the products or services and also implement similar business techniques. The franchisee pays an initial amount to get this right and from there on he pays a certain percentage of the gross sale to the franchisor. This agreement may last through the term decided upon in the contract. The franchisee gains all those privileges that the franchisor's business has and in addition to that will also receive pertinent training in the relevant field. Coupled to this training the franchise will also continue to receive ongoing support. Of course, there are a few additional responsibilities too which the franchisee has to be careful about.

The franchisee has to work towards meeting all the quality controls that have been set up by the franchisor for it is the brand reputation that may be at stake when things are not done in line with the guidelines provided by the franchisor. There may also be a few restrictions on the kind of sales and operations they can perform on the name of the company.

Franchisees definitely have clear-cut advantage over their competitors, especially the nonfranchisee ones as they have full liberty to use the already established brand names. The nonfranchisee however has to start from the scratch and there may be a lot of time that goes in as an investment too before they can actually witness profits. A franchisee however can adhere to the franchisor's business practices and provide quality goods and services to the customers.

Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Contemplating the Uniqueness of Human Development From the Perspective of a Neurodevelopmentalist

Looking at the human body, we can see that we certainly are unique among God's creation. In fact, there are a number of ways in which we are unique from the animal kingdom. We are fearfully and wonderfully made... Psalm 139.

Only man can walk completely upright - we were designed to do just that. God created Adam as a mature adult male, therefore, he walked uprightly. A baby's early motor development leads to many physical and mental achievements including walking uprightly. Examples of early developmental milestones include turning over by one's self, lifting up one's head, cross crawl on tummy, cross creep on hands and knees, "cruising" with the help of furniture, walking with hands above waist for balance, walk with a good cross swinging of both arms below the waist.

Further, we can speak in an abstract, symbolic language. We understand spoken language; we speak language; we read written language and we write language. Being able to read means that we have vision that enables this great feat. Learning to read can seem so easy for some that we do not realize its complexity until we spend some time with those that have great difficulty. As far as the vision is concerned the physical eyes must be intact and properly connected to the visual cortex. These two eyes must be able to track horizontally and vertically as well as work together. Further, one must be dominant and the subdominant must support the other. To understand spoken language the inner ear must be working properly without excessive fluid and to be properly connected to the temporal lobe of the brain. For writing to be possible, one must control the writing instrument sufficiently to form the characters. Of course we can talk about the physical act of writing as well as coming up with the ideas and how to get them on paper in a way that makes senses to others.

At least one other area should be mentioned - that of touch. Only mankind can identify an object by touch alone. Again, this requires communication between our sensory nerves and the brain. One can be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to tactile sensations. Either way, it disrupts the communication and affects one's life and learning. One of the main challenges of neurodevelopmentalists is understanding normal development and identifying missing pieces or steps in development. Only then can one teach parents different activities that will stimulate the brain in a way that will encourage development. What a blessing this is for the families.

Maggie operates the Center for Neuro Development in Lakewood, Washington, along with her husband Ronnie. Maggie earned a M.A.in Special Education from Adams State University in 1989. She has been in an internship / independent study leading to certification with the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. They offer local, on site services as well as some long distance consultation. They work with homeschoolers as well as those who attend school.

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Hearing and Deaf Perspectives

A lovely bench sits sheltered in trees within a beautiful Southern California meditation garden.

There are signs posted to "Please Respect the Quiet", the peacefulness and this special place where many come to relax and meditate. On a recent visit, I sat on this bench to enjoy some peace and quiet after a busy week.

Ahhhh... with eyes closed, I first noticed the feeling of the breeze wafting through the trees around me. I could hear the water bubbling in a nearby Koi pond. As I tried to quiet my mind, I wondered what it would be like to have complete silence in this space. No noise of any kind. And then I started noticing and creating a mental list of the sounds surrounding me. So much for turning off my thoughts! Beyond these gardens, lies a road, sidewalks and a quaint beach town. In the span of less than five minutes, this is what I heard... in this order.

A car trunk slammed 
A zipper - - probably a camera case 
Cameras clicking in the gardens 
A teenager talking on a cell phone on the sidewalk outside the gardens 
A plane flew overhead - - military - - loud 
A car engine starting 
Somebody sneezed 
Somebody whispered "bless you" 
The beeping sound of a large truck backing up 
A security guard helping an older woman with her walker 
A baby cried 
Squeaky car brakes 
Birds in the trees overhead 
Wind blowing through the leaves 
Footsteps walking through gravel

For 'hearing' people, these are sounds that play in the background of our daily lives. And these sounds are heard in a place which is designed to be quiet. Venture out into the city and add in other voices and horns blowing and endless ambient sounds.

For many of us, I think the closest we get to silence is when we slip underwater. Of course, this doesn't count if one is in a community pool on the weekend. The sound changes, but it's definitely not silent.

While our tendency is often to ponder how curious the Deaf must be regarding sound, I wonder how many hearing people are curious about the experience of complete silence. Does the brain finally relax when not constantly noticing, categorizing, evaluating and processing sounds? Or is it the opposite? For the Deaf, is it possible that the brain remains on 'high alert' using the other senses... compensating for the lack of sound? I can't help but wonder.

Via new hearing aids, a young man named Austin Chapman recently heard music for the first time. He was emotional and amazed, but confesses that 'silence' is still his favorite sound.

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

How to Use Your Mediation Training For a Successful Career

Times are changing and new careers open up to those who are willing to learn new skills. If you are basically an honest, cool-headed, fair, good communicator, team player and interest in resolving conflicts through negotiation, then you can enroll in a Mediation Course and become a professional mediator.

What exactly is a mediator? A mediator is somebody who resolves issues of various concerns from child custody to neighbor-to-neighbor conflict to labor issues to anything that will need a third party to come up with solutions that are acceptable to parties involved. Basically, anybody can become a mediator with proper training and practice.

If you want to become one, inquire with local mediation board about the requirements they have. It will help if you enroll in a conflict resolution course so you will have an idea how the process of mediation goes. You can also decide what type of conflicts you want to mediate. If you already have training in psychology, sociology or any social sciences field, you can use that in mediation. You are dealing with people's behavior anyway and you can apply what you have learned as you go on with your practice.

You don't need to leave a current job just to get the required education. There are online courses that would suffice requirements by various companies. After finishing a short course, it is important that you practice. This will further develop the skills that you already have. Through experience you can learn a lot more and may want to study complementary courses to enhance your mediation practice.

Mediation training and education are important if you are planning to work with government, schools, universities, insurance providers or legal service providers. Some of these companies or entities require experience. There is no reason to fret if you are new in the field though because there are ways to gain experience after finishing a course. 
One of the best ways to gain credentials as a mediator is to volunteer. Check community services or local courts if there are mediation sessions that are open to observers. You can offer to assist experienced mediators in whatever needs they have, even clerical or secretarial, just to get exposure and see them in action.

Becoming a mediator can open new doors to other careers like in law enforcement, counseling or therapy. There are many online courses that you can take to enhance your career options. If you want to stay as a mediator for a few more years, you can choose to get certified, if your state requires this, to have better earning and promotion opportunities.

Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Digital Classroom - Brighter Tomorrow For Children Today

Education has always been an important foundational aspect for any society. It is the pillar that holds various economic, social and political factors together. With the changing times, there needs to be a change made in the traditional classroom system as well. This is where the digital classroom comes into the forefront. The students of today are very tech savvy which makes this type of a class room advantageous for them and the overall learning process.

With the Smart classroom, there will be a variety of factors that will be implemented in terms of teaching the children:

Encouragement: Students need to be encouraged through the use of technology. No matter what they are doing, children should always be given the approval and there should be a refrain from making any sort of discouragement.

Energy: Being an enthusiastic educator is important in the Virtual classroom. The teacher will always bring in lots of energy into what ever social cause he or she is involved in. Children too will follow suit and give all their energy.

Fun: Since these are kids who are aware of the technological importance, teachers should not take away the element of fun. There should be a proper balance between what is right and good and what is fun and appeals to little students in the digital class room. The child learns faster when there is a lot of playfulness in the activities. A serious approach is not mandatory.

Experimental Approach: Do not stick to conventional forms of teaching when it comes to the virtual classroom. Try new and more effective methods of teaching by making the classroom digital and more interactive. Get the student to make it as well and then do it with him or her. If there is information to be collected, do it with the students. Don't just sit and command.

Practice What You Preach: Do not oversell the concept of a smart classroom if one does not believe it oneself. Follow and strengthen those qualities of the technological advancement and incorporate them in your everyday lives. Students are more susceptible to examples than they are to hollow teachings.

Never Obstruct: Do not stand in the way of something that the student wishes to do of which you are unaware of. First gain information about the particular topic and then provide judgment.

Do Research: Make sure you have done proper research of all the technologies used in the Smart classroom that the children are involved in to ensure they are properly suitable for students and do influence the civic duty within them.

Look And Leap: Make sure that there are activities that involve both students and teachers.
The digital classroom is all about fun, interaction and learning. Hence, it is important to incorporate the traditional ways of teaching with the more radical and advanced teaching methods from these technological aspects. There needs to be a balance in order to gain the best of both worlds.